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We’re proud to be featured in a recent VPNRanks article on cybersecurity awareness for employees, particularly since it’s an issue we focus on in our line of work! 

CEO Andrew Ryan Gives Business Owners Advice on Cybersecurity Awareness and Best Practices

VPNRanks, a site that uses an exclusive rating criteria to help you choose the best VPN provider for your business, recently reached out to our CEO Andrew Ryan for advice on a topic that’s close to our hearts: fostering a culture of cybersecurity at work. 

As we’ve advised before, anti-virus software is only step one for businesses that want to keep their data safe. It takes much more to make online security a regular habit amongst your workforce. Indeed, it takes making this kind of diligence a part of your business culture. And business culture—the established norms we depend on to keep business running smoothly—is more important than ever when your workforce is remote. 

Newtec Services’ Cybersecurity Tips 

We gave VPNRanks the following tips for business managers: 

  • Ensure that all software is up to date. We recommend cloud-based security to our clients.
  • Implement end-to-end security. That means making sure that all data, including messages, video, etc., is fully encrypted.
  • Train employees to keep up with more stringent security requirements. Go beyond internal security policies and train employees on in-depth security specific to each worker’s role.

Now that so many of our staff work from their homes, we add the following information when we partner with businesses or consult on IT needs:

The basic remote worker tech stack needs to include these things to boost security:

  • Endpoint security
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Mobile security

Business Owners Today Make Tough Choices About Funding Security Measures

We understand that often, companies are challenged with fighting new cyber threats while juggling tight budgets and limited time. Some of the very platforms that help to drive business objectives can also introduce risk to your company! The bottom line is this: If you own a small business, the stakes are too high to allow weak security protocol to damage your infrastructure. 

Cybersecurity isn’t easy; if it’s to be done right, it requires time and, in many cases, a dedicated team of professionals. Companies that plan ahead with an eye to their unique security needs tend to be more successful. Those that make regular training and a culture of security do even better. 

Newtec Services Provides Bespoke Managed IT Security Service Packages for Your Business

In a fast-paced and ever-changing cyber landscape, Newtec Services helps companies adapt and respond to shifting security threats with custom solutions for every organisation.

At Newtec Services, we don’t offer you one-size-fits-all software. We understand that today’s threats require more than that. We get to know the unique security needs of your business, and provide a bundled IT package that meets every one.

If you’re looking for an IT partner to help you keep your data safe, contact one of our representatives and begin designing your security plan today.


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