NetSuite Industries

Newtec is a leading provider of NetSuite solutions for businesses across various industries. Whether in retail, consulting, manufacturing, or even gaming, Newtec leverages the power of NetSuite to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions that drive business success.

Who We Work With

Newtec is able to handle these Industries below in which NetSuite is a proven success:

Point of Sale

Having a handy view of inventory and customer information for seamless order management


Integration with your online platform and connect the data to NetSuite for real time visibility

Inventory Management

Proper tracking of stock across all stores and automations of item ordering

Time and Expense Automation

Develop an automation of entering time and expenses for consultants

NetSuite Services Resource Planning

An end-to-end resource planning system for seamless Project tracking

Profitability Reports

View Project Profitability and match your project costs and project revenue for efficient tracking and visibility

Financial Management

Get a full visibility of the financials using accounting-intelligent capabilities and real-time reporting

Business Intelligence

Ability to see a 360-degree view of each Customer and their transactions

Budgeting and Forecasting

Compare Budget vs Actuals on a rolling period and analyze variances

Resource Utilization

Identify resources and match them with the right project, measure utilization rate by the use of the utilization report.

Timeline Management

Get a view of the milestones and gantt charts and be able to share them with clients for transparency

Project Profitability

View a project profitability report and analyze gaps

Demand Planning

Plan and schedule item ordering and make sure the inventory is always replenished.


Simplified process of purchasing based on inventory usage and remaining on hand.

Work Orders and Assembly Builds

Seamless process from creating work orders to building assemblies, and easy tracking of stock consumption.

Landed cost

Automation of the landed cost feature for item costing

Warehouse Automation

Using of bar code scanners for seamless warehouse processes


Real-time financial reports and tracking of cost of goods sold across the whole operations

Recurring Billing

Automate processing for recurring transactions

Contracts and Renewals

Proper management of contracts and easier tracking of renewals

Revenue Recognition

Develop a revenue recognition process for both recurring and non-recurring revenue

Dimensions and Revenue Streams

Generate profitability / revenue report per dimension and revenue stream for easier financial analysis

Invoice Email Automation

Automate the sending of invoice emails to customers and tracking of customer communication

Approval Processes

Ability to configure an approval process on transactions being processed by multiple departments


Generate real-time consolidated reporting for multiple subsidiaries

Multiple Currencies

Seamlessly manage multiple currencies and translation reporting

Intercompany Transactions

Manage intercompany transactions and automation of elimination entries

Newtec Capabilities

The Newtec NetSuite team has a combined experience of 60+ Successful NetSuite End-to-End Implementations over 14 years. Here are some NetSuite Modules that we are expert on:

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Why Work With Newtec?

The NetSuite Core Product has a lot of included Features, and other Clients may not need any additional modules. There are some businesses, however, that have unique requirements that may need added capabilities for their specific market niche.

The Newtec NetSuite Team can effectively help you scope your needs and maximize your NetSuite use. We go for a simpler approach – the simpler the processes are, the more efficient the users will be. We map the solutions that are more fitting for the requirement, and we make use of all available features on the NetSuite Core – that is where the experts come into play. If the client requirement is too complex for the NetSuite Core and if we identify that it will be a vital part of the business process – that’s the only time we will recommend any additional module that will fit the business process.

These judgments can be made only by NetSuite Experts – who know NetSuite inside and out – and know how to utilize all features already provided by NetSuite – to effectively save the Clients both time and money.