Keep Your Business Safe With A Cyber Security Firm

Ireland’s vibrant tech sector coupled with its strategic location and strong connectivity has made it an attractive target for cybercriminals. Newtec Services is a premier cybersecurity firm for businesses seeking to improve their digital defenses.

We are an Ireland-based IT company that provides comprehensive solutions to businesses and organisations of all sizes. We understand that Cyber Security is critical in today’s digital world and are committed to helping our clients protect their valuable data and assets from cyber attacks. By choosing Newtec, organisations not only safeguard their information, but also gain a strategic partner committed to staying ahead of the cybersecurity curve.

Cyber Security Is Ever-Changing. Is Your Company Prepared?

Rapid advancements in technology combined with the increased sophistication of cyber threats makes it a daunting task for businesses to stay ahead of the latest cyber attack trends and vulnerabilities. As the digital world is constantly changing, it is important for businesses of any size to invest in cyber security efforts and firms that specialize in this complex space.

Hiring a cyber security firm is about more than protecting against current threats—it is also about anticipating and adapting to emerging risks. While you focus on running your business, your cyber security firm stays on top of the evolving cyber security landscape.

This involves constantly monitoring new types of attacks, emerging malware and potential vulnerabilities in software. Outsourcing cyber security to a specialized firm like Newtec Services allows your business to tap into our expertise.

Our expert team takes a proactive approach to cyber security by investing in the latest technologies. This ensures that all of our clients benefit from both real-time threat intelligence and strategic foresight. Entrusting Newtec with your cyber security safeguards your sensitive information and allows you and your team to focus on your core business goals.

You need protection from cyber threats. Newtec can help.

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Keep Your Businesses’ Information Safe With Our Cyber Security Services

Cyber security is no longer an option for businesses. Cyber threats are constantly evolving and, because of this, we prioritize implementing multiple layers of cyber security for our clients. We start with a strong network perimeter defense and strengthen your defenses further with additional services. Learn more about our cyber security consulting services:

Ransomware Protection and Recovery

New threats are created every day—Ransomware Protection and Recovery offers you and your business full end point security. Our services use machine learning and AI to constantly evolve and adapt to threats before they even become known to you.

Email Security

Email is your company’s connection to the outside world, and can also be a channel to various malware, viruses and data breaches. Email attacks and phishing schemes can cost businesses in terms of productivity, reputation and finances.

Managed Firewall Services

Firewalls protect your data and assets from outside threats. Newtec’s Managed Firewall Services monitor your systems 24/7/365, so you can always have peace of mind knowing your assets are protected.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management allows your business to manage job roles and employee apps, giving your employees efficient and secure access to their necessary work tools.

Penetration Testing

Whenever you have new systems in place, you want to ensure they’re working properly. Penetration Testing is a mock cyber-attack against your security system to find potential vulnerabilities. This can be used to test individual devices and entire systems to find holes in your current system, as well as to continually test your cyber security efforts.