NetSuite Customisation

Almost all Clients require process customisations (minor or major) of their ERP system. Customisation is important to cater for all the process requirements of every Business Process Flow. Though NetSuite uses internationally accepted Standard Business Processes, there are operational requirements that need to be added or included within different organizations process flows.

Workflows / Automation

From simple NetSuite field auto population/sourcing to automated emails, the Newtec Project Team designs customisations that meet the needs of the users for better efficiency without compromising the system's performance.

Transaction Forms / PDF Layouts

Depending on the nature of the Business, each organization has personalized layouts/forms with specific fields/data that need to be captured in NetSuite. The Newtec Project Team gathers all relevant information and will advise which customisation route is better for improved usability.


Beyond the use of NetSuite standard workflows and user-friendly customisation, Newtec has a Technical Team who does more advanced customisation for complex requirements by the use of Scripting.

Reports / Dashboards

Clients operate in different industries, which are unique to each other. With this, the key users have varying requirements in Dashboards and Reporting, which are based on the specific data that is captured in NetSuite from the business processes. The team understands which information the key users will be needing to see and customize the Reports and Dashboards according to the requirements gathered.

Process Improvements

Beyond the standard NetSuite processes, there are specific processes that can help Users perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. The Newtec Project Team scopes out these requirements and designs a process that will meet the needs of the Users. Some NetSuite customizations that our team worked on are:

It is always a business struggle to collect debtor’s balances. And with this process, the users will be able to see reports at a glance on which debtors are overdue, and automatically generate dunning emails depending on the # of days overdue. There is also a dedicated dashboard to report the receivables turnover between periods and to help the Collections team to spot the balances they must focus on.​

There are businesses with customers who have different sub-entities and partners. To better manage the Invoicing process, there may be a requirement to consolidate invoices to easily track per customer group.

From Purchase Orders to Invoices, NetSuite has a standard Approval Workflow in the Core System. However, the different business has varying requirements on how their Approval Process should work. From Approval Amount Limits to setting Approvers in different levels, to Email Automation on Approvals, the Newtec Project Team can scope out the requirements and implement an Approval Process that is specific to the business needs.

Businesses usually have existing systems for E-Commerce, Reports, and Bank Processing. To be able to also integrate these systems to NetSuite is a big relief for key users so the information will flow seamlessly to NetSuite’s Financial Data. Newtec’s Technical Team handles and works on these Integrations and ensures that data is accurately captured and mapped to NetSuite data. Some examples of Integration that Newtec team has worked on are:

  • Power BI
  • Shopify
  • Bank Feeds SuiteApp
  • Magento
  • Bigcommerce
  • Neto
  • Woocommerce
  • Salesforce
  • NextService


Any other integration is managed by the Newtec team by working on APIs that can connect systems, including mapping and testing to ensure the accuracy of data.