Power BI for NetSuite

While NetSuite Analytics provides a basic set of reporting and analytics features, Power BI offers a more advanced and adaptable solution for data analysis and visualization that sometimes customers will need.

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Why Use Power BI?

The Newtec NetSuite team proposes the use of Power BI to create interactive dashboards and reports with more complex visualizations and advanced analytics tools and connect to a greater variety of data sources. Users using Power BI can perform predictive analysis, delve down into their data, and construct custom computations to acquire a better understanding of their business operations.

We offer customers a robust set of analytics capabilities with Power BI that facilitate smarter business decisions not to mention non-technical users with a user-friendly and intuitive interface to filter their data easily. Customers can quickly build reports and dashboards that provide them a real-time perspective of their company performance by integrating NetSuite data with Power BI. Newtec’s Power BI solution offers a thorough picture of crucial business data, whether it’s used to watch sales patterns, keep an eye on inventory levels, or examine sales representative performance. The Newtec NetSuite Team scopes and also helps build these reports based on specific customer needs. And if a customer doesn’t want to use Power BI separately, Newtec can place these reports directly on their NetSuite dashboards as well with integration.

Our Commitment

Newtec is committed to offering our customers cutting-edge and efficient business intelligence solutions. We give our customers the ability to view, evaluate, and make decisions based on their data by integrating NetSuite with Power BI. Newtec’s NetSuite Team of skilled specialists is dedicated to providing personalized solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of each of our clients. With Newtec’s knowledge and commitment, we support our client’s Power BI reporting needs as they successfully and confidently move their businesses ahead.

Examples of Newtec Reports created in Power BI:

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NetSuite Integration

Newtec is a provider of NetSuite integration solutions, enabling organizations to seamlessly connect with third-party software systems. Our team of experts specializes in developing custom integrations that are tailored to the specific needs of each NetSuite Customer, providing a seamless flow of data between NetSuite and other business-critical applications. With deep expertise in integration architecture and best practices, we work with clients to identify the right solutions to help them maximize the value of their NetSuite investments.

Businesses usually have existing systems for E-Commerce, Reports and Bank Processing. To be able to also integrate these systems to NetSuite is a big relief for key users so the information will flow seamlessly to NetSuite’s Financial Data. Newtec’s Technical Team handles and work on these Integrations and make sure that data is accurately captured and mapped to NetSuite data.

Examples of Integrations

Any integration not specifically listed here can be managed by the Newtec team by working on APIs that connect the systems together. This includes mapping and testing to ensure the accuracy of data.

Newtec can either configure your Shopify plugin with NetSuite or create a custom NetSuite connector to your Shopify Website custom to your needs.

Customers can use Newtec’s assistance to integrate the Bank Feeds SuiteApp into their NetSuite account, assuring a seamless and easy connection to their bank account. The Newtec NetSuite Team will walk through the setup process and make sure the system is set up to suit their particular requirements.

Newtec will work with your Magento Developer to integrate your Website with NetSuite.

With the use of their respective APIs, Newtec provides custom integration to sync your data between the two platforms to help automate your order process, inventory/customer management or fulfillment in Netsuite.

Salesforce is best integrated with NetSuite using Rest APIs. RESTlet Scripts are built into NetSuite and then data is transferred between NetSuite and Salesforce by creating an individual web services in Salesforce. Newtec can help with the processes involved.

NextService is a field service app that resides within NetSuite and the records/transactions are synced with each other real-time. While NextService does the implementation of this app, Newtec can assist with NetSuite-related configurations during the process.

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Maximize Your Productivity

In summary, Newtec provides robust and customizable integrations with third-party software solutions for NetSuite clients. Our focus on flexibility, customization, and security ensures that our clients can optimize their workflows, streamline their operations, and maximize their productivity.