NetSuite Project Implementation

The typical timeline for a ERP migration project to NetSuite varies depending on complexity and workload. A small ERP migration project can be complete in as little as 8 to 12 weeks. A larger implementation may take between three and six months to complete. The following is an outline of our standard implementation process.

ERP Migration

After these processes are implemented, the users are ready to use the system for live transactions. During this Go-Live phase, the Newtec Project Team is available via on-site or remotely to facilitate any queries or walkthroughs that the Users may need.

1. Discovery

The Discovery is a vital part of implementation as this is where the Project Team gathers all relevant information regarding Business Processes that will be mapped to Implementation Process. In this part, both the Client and Newtec Project team are involved and work closely together throughout this process. This takes about a week to complete.

2. Implementation Process / System Configuration

This is where the Newtec Project Team performs the System Configurations based on the Discovery Process. This process takes within 3-6 weeks depending on the Process Complexities and Customizations Requirements.

3. Data Migration

Most of the Clients migrating from one system to another will need to transfer data from their old system to the new system. From Transactional Data, Trial Balances, and Entity/Item Records, the Newtec Project Team prepares templates for the Users to complete. Once these templates are completed, the Project Team migrates the data into NetSuite and will perform validation to make sure that all the data are matching. This process usually takes 2-4 weeks depending on the volume of data.

4. User Acceptance Testing / Training

After the system is configured, data is migrated, and customizations have been completed, the system will be ready for use. Prior to using the live system, the Newtec Project Team initiates a User Acceptance Testing by providing documentation checklist that Users may follow to identify if the business processes are working as expected. The team also leads User Training, grouping the topics by key users. This is done in about 1-2 weeks.

Newtec's Netsuite Implementation Specialists Have You Covered:

Customer Support

Client Expectations

It is expected that there is at least one dedicated Point of Contact or Project Manager on the Client side that coordinates Implementation Requirements with their Key Users for any information or queries that the Newtec Project Team may need. Good communication practices are a key success factor and we ensure proper coordination between the Client and Partner is done at all times throughout this process.

The Newtec Project Team will support the Client throughout the Implementation Process, and after Go Live.

The NetSuite Project Team in Newtec safeguards the data privacy of all clients by making sure that accesses are properly and specifically assigned to Consultants only within the team and working on a particular area of implementation. The team also signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Clients to ensure data security and privacy.