Identity and Access Management

IAM stands for Identity and Access Management and is critical for regulatory compliance and security. 

IAM enables your business to manage job roles and employee apps, giving your employees access to necessary work tools with efficiency and security. IAM allows your business to manage a range of identities, including employees, software, and hardware such as IoT devices and robotics.

How IAM Works

Identity and access management systems allow for more precise access by portioning it into a content management system, versus granting full access to an entire software suite. IAM Solutions authenticate the user, software, or hardware by matching their credentials against a cloud identity database, a more secure and flexible solution than the typical username and password protocol.

Modern businesses need identity and access management to stay protected from ever-changing threats. Newtec can help.

Benefits of IAM Solutions

business man on endpoint safe protected computer

Newtec IAM Implementation Strategy

Identity and access management strategy and assessment

Implementing Identity and Access Management strategies can be a daunting task. Newtec’s identity and security experts have the experience and support to help you manage solutions across IAM platforms and cloud environments.

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