Internet Security and Filtering Solutions

In today’s world, all businesses rely on online platforms to perform their regular operations; because of this, the importance of internet filtering and security cannot be overstated. Cyber threats that range from malware and phishing pose significant risks to your company’s safety and can lead to data breaches, financial loss and damage to your reputation. A proactive approach to your business’s cybersecurity is essential to keep sensitive information safe, maintain your customers’ trust and ensure uninterrupted service.

Newtec Services offers robust internet security and filtering solutions for businesses that offer comprehensive protection from continually evolving cyber threats. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with the proper end-point security and malware protection so you can remain resilient in the face of fast-paced cyber challenges.

How Does Internet Filtering Protection Keep Your Business Safe?

Because the digital landscape is constantly evolving, many business owners struggle to navigate new, potentially difficult, technological advancements themselves. As our digital world expands, so do the potential threats that your business, and all businesses, face. Cybercriminals and their attacks have become more sophisticated, using increasingly advanced techniques to exploit potential vulnerabilities and compromise your company’s sensitive data. To protect your company and thrive, you must proactively adapt to and address new cybersecurity risks.

Maintaining a robust defense against potential cyber threats requires more work than one person can handle. Your business needs a specialised team dedicated to staying not just up-to-date with, but ahead of potential threats to your business. Our team is here to be your dedicated cybersecurity team.

Newtec Services is equipped with anti-virus and malware protection software, combined with advanced internet content filtering software for businesses that are essential for ensuring the security of your operations. Our team being proactive both protects you from potential threats and also puts you in a position to navigate the intricacies of a constantly evolving digital world. Choosing Newtec offers you peace of mind and an ability to thrive in the digital space.

You need protection from cyber threats. Newtec can help.

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Newtec Internet Security and Filtering’s Key Features

Internet security and filtering encompasses many layers of protection for your business including:

Anti-virus and Malware Protection

Software designed to detect and neutralize viruses and malware before they compromise your systems.

Internet Content Filtering Software for Business

Comprehensive content filtering solutions that allow businesses to control and monitor internet access. Helps in blocking malicious websites and managing access to non-business-related content.

Proxy Internet Filter

An additional layer of security provided by Newtec that monitors and controls web traffic, enhancing protection against potential threats.

Cybersecurity Consultation

Personalized consultations to assess the unique security needs of businesses, including reviewing current security measures and recommending tailored solutions.

Security Software Updates and Maintenance

Regular updates and maintenance services to ensure that security software is up-to-date, providing businesses with the latest defenses against emerging threats.

Incident Response Services

Fast and effective response services in case of a security incident. Newtec Services is committed to minimising the impact of security breaches and restoring normalcy promptly.

User Training and Awareness Programs

Educational programs designed to enhance employees' cybersecurity awareness. This proactive approach helps in preventing security breaches caused by human errors.

Customised Security Solutions

Tailored security solutions based on your business' specific needs and potential vulnerabilities. Newtec Services offers a flexible approach to address the unique challenges faced by its clients.