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Our Story

Newtec Services came into existence with a belief that Technology must be embedded at the very heart of your business in order for you to succeed. As technology is changing faster than ever it is imperative to have technology at the center of your business strategy.

Business owners have two technology agenda’s that must be managed, one is on the Technology Management side and the other is to make their business a Digital Business. The greatest business value is realized when both agendas are managed and progressed simultaneously.

As your technology partner, we bring the latest thinking, capabilities and solutions to our customers. Businesses choose Newtec to help them achieve their business goals, better serve their customers and improve competitiveness.

Our History

When we founded Newtec Services, we wanted to provide more. We noticed that traditional IT companies were largely reactive, not proactive. They were great at fixing things, but they didn’t consider the broader picture of delivering business value through technology. We knew that we could be more innovative and relevant to the needs of modern businesses. So, we put together an experienced team and got to work. 

One key advance that Newtec has facilitated is in the area of cybersecurity. The threat landscape has mutated exponentially over the last several years, placing executives and staff at increased risk of attack. The good news is that security approaches and solutions now exist to protect small and mid-size businesses in the same way that corporations with deeper pockets protect themselves. 

Here’s what else we’ve done over the years to help businesses in Ireland and beyond: 

  • We are now Security Certified in Zero Trust by Forrester Research and are the first IT company in Ireland to achieve this accreditation. This means we can implement a zero trust security strategy approach with our clients to protect their business and brand from cyber attacks.  
  • As a Managed Services Security Partner (MSSP), we now deliver proper managed security services to small and medium sized businesses at a competitive price point. Up to this point MSSPs only served enterprises or large companies with 250 staff or more.  
  • Another key advancing technology that Newtec has adopted over the years is in relation to cloud. We are the leading and the most advanced cloud provider versus our IT competitors. We cover AWS and Azure at the infrastructure level. We also do cloud at an application level with Oracle NetSuite.  This means we can bring a lot more innovation and business value to our clients.  

At Newtec, we take a strategic approach and offer our clients more choices depending on what’s right for their business.


December 2010

Launched 1st Cloud Offerings focused on Cloud Backup, Google Apps and Office 365

July 2012

Opened Dublin Office

November 2013

Became a NetSuite CRM, ERP and eCommerce partner

January 2015

Entered web technologies market delivering: Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation and AdWord Campaigns

January 2016

Further expanded digital services by adding marketing automation and social media management technology platforms & services

April 2016

Expanded cloud offerings to include Azure & AWS

Newtec expects to achieve the following milestones in the next few years: 

  • Become the number one Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) in Ireland for small and medium size businesses. 
  • Become the number one NetSuite provider for small and medium size businesses.
  • Continue to be a leader in the provision of cloud technologies focused around AWS and Azure solutions.

We believe in making advances while keeping what’s most important to us:

  • Fostering a culture of humility and trust in the way we work together and with our partners and clients.
  • Building deep and lasting business relationships with our clients.
  • Delivering the best customer experience in our field.
  • Creating a culture of innovation and continuous learning.

Would you like to learn more about our mission and our services? Give us a call.

Our People

Within our staffing we have a mix of people with deep technology skills that have worked in the industry for years and can bring that type of experience and expertise to bear on an organisation.

We also have younger native digital staff who bring a different type of dynamic and different ways of working that are critical to success in today’s digital economy.

They types of people who succeed with our customers and in Newtec are as follows:

  • Technology driven
  • Innovative and future focused
  • Strong problem solving capabilities
  • Business oriented
  • Proactive in nature
  • Customer focused

If this person is you and you would like to explore an opportunity working with Newtec then please send a CV with a cover letter to

Partnering With Us

As your technology partner, we have two guiding principles. One is that we build lasting long term relationships that deliver increased value to your business over time. The other principle is around how we work and that is by having a deep knowledge of your entire business including the issues you face and the new opportunities that are available to you.

Our approach is more akin to in-sourcing than outsourcing, we become an integrated part of your team and bring new capabilities to your organisation.

We work with customers throughout Ireland, in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA.

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Noel Frain

Technology Management Solutions, Digital Business Solutions, Business Technology Consultant

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Technology Management Solutions, Digital Business Solutions, Business Technology Consultant

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Cloud, Security. Technology Specialist

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Cloud, Security, Technology Specialist

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Cloud, Security, Technology Specialist

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ERP, CRM & eCommerce, Technology Specialist

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Web Technologies, Marketing Technology, Technology Specialist

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Web Technologies, Marketing Technology, Technology Specialist

Andrew Ryan

Technology Strategy, Digital Business Strategy, Business Technology Consultant, Company Founder

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