How Can I Protect My Business From Cyber Crime and Malware Exploits?

You’ve installed anti-virus software on your on-site network, and you’ve talked to your employees about cybersecurity. You should be covered, right?

Not anymore.

Your anti-virus software is simply not enough to handle today’s sophisticated cyber attacks. If you own a small business, the stakes are too high to allow weak security protocol to damage your business and affect your livelihood. Learn how to protect your business from cyber crime.

Protect Against Cyber Crime With A Foolproof Cybersecurity Plan

The success of any security plan depends on how infrastructure – including networks, software, and applications – is connected and maintained. Using anti-malware software is only step one for companies that want to keep their data safe. Today, managers need to integrate security into every aspect of their business. And for teams that work remotely, keeping data secure is even more important. Leaders must ensure the following:

All software is up to date

Data is encrypted end-to-end

Employees receive stringent training

Cybersecurity isn’t easy. If it’s to be done right, it requires time and, often, a dedicated team of professionals. That’s where Newtec Services comes in. Our team of experts will conduct an audit of your existing security features, develop a comprehensive report, and recommend solutions customized for your industry and your business. We identify risks and vulnerabilities. Then we give you a step-by-step plan to meet GDPR regulations and eliminate cyber threats before they affect your bottom line. Rely on us for protect you from cyber crime. 


Newtec Services Offers A Range Of Cybersecurity Tools

Our security experts can either work with your internal team to recommend cloud-based software and tools or provide a fully managed security service for your business. Don’t wait for the next cybersecurity threat to strike. Contact us today.

Newtec Services has the experience to make your business more efficient, secure and seamless.