Why Your Cybersecurity Software isn’t Enough

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You’ve installed anti-virus software on your on-site network, and you’ve talked to your employees about cybersecurity. You should be covered, right?

Not anymore.

Your anti-virus software is simply not enough to handle today’s sophisticated cyber attacks. If you own a small business, the stakes are too high to allow weak security protocol to damage your business and affect your livelihood.

The Sobering Facts About Cybersecurity and Business Readiness

In the past, your anti-virus software may have been enough to give you a sense of security. Unfortunately, the threat landscape has changed. Now, global attacks like “WannaCry” ravage security systems like the Vikings ravaged the Irish coast. Here are some sobering facts to keep in mind:

Comprehensive IT Security Takes Time and Proper Resources

Despite the implementation of regulations designed to increase security, we’ve witnessed huge organisations like Google pay fines for their too-lax approach towards personal data.

Using anti-malware software is only step one for businesses that want to keep their data safe. Managers must also ensure that all software is up to date, that their data is encrypted end-to-end, and that their employees can keep up with more stringent requirements. The simple truth is that cybersecurity isn’t easy. If it’s to be done right, it requires time and, often, a dedicated team of professionals.

Newtec Recommends a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy

The success of any security plan depends on how infrastructure – including networks, software, and applications – is connected and maintained. Companies that plan ahead with an eye to their unique security needs tend to be more successful. As businesses adopt more complicated multi-cloud strategies, they often discover that they need to work with a team of professionals who can make cybersecurity the focus (not a feature) of their services.

Here are Newtec’s recommendations:

  • You already know that training your employees is important; go beyond internal security policies and focus on in-depth security education specific to each worker’s role.
  • Organisations also need to implement end-to-end security; that is, ensure that all data – including messages, video, etc. – is fully encrypted.
  • Companies should design a security strategy that can evolve as threats evolve.
  • To meet the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), your business needs to employ encryption methods for both your on-site and cloud network infrastructure.

Consider Bundling IT Services for a Plan that Fits Your Security Needs

At Newtec Services, we don’t offer you one-size-fits-all software. We understand that today’s threats require more than that. We get to know the unique security needs of your business, and provide a bundled IT package that meets every one.

If you’re looking for an IT partner to help you keep your data safe, contact one of our representatives and begin designing your bespoke security plan today.


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