Cyber Security Training

When you think about your business’s cyber security training efforts, you probably forget about one of your most important lines of defence: your employees. Human error is a significant factor in data breaches, accounting for over 90% of incidents. Cyber security training is critical to protecting your organisation from financial losses, reputation damage and/or legal repercussions.

Only 58% of EU businesses provide cyber security training for their employees. As cyberattacks become more common and frequent, businesses need to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to combat threats effectively—Newtec is here to bridge that gap for you and your employees.

How Can Cyber Security Training Keep Your Business and It's Employees Safe?

Our Cyber Security Training educates your team on current threats, recognizing a potential threat, and what to do if you fall victim to an attack. This program helps businesses and employees safeguard sensitive data and protect themselves from cyberattacks through:

Empowered Employees: Educating your employees and staff about cyber security risks enables them to identify and avoid potential threats, reducing the likelihood of the leading cause of data breaches: human error.

Stronger Defences: Equipping your employees with the necessary knowledge to recognize phishing scams, malware and other cyber threats strengthens your organisation’s overall defence.

Reduced Vulnerability: Company wide training makes cyber security important to your entire organisation and creates a culture out of it. When everyone believes in your cause, they will take the necessary precautions. When your staff is more proactive, your sensitive data is better protected.

Mitigated Costs: Reducing the number of cyber attacks and data breaches your company experiences or is susceptible to helps save money associated with incident response, remediation and recovery costs.

Measurable Impact: Measurable, attainable outcomes come from our security awareness training, allowing businesses to track employee understanding and identify areas for improvement.

You need protection from cyber threats. Newtec can help.

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Newtec’s Assessments Help Target Areas of Improvement

Protecting your organisation’s data is important; your customer’s data even more so. If your business handles any type of customer data, including credit card information, health data, etc., ensuring that it is protected gives your customers peace of mind.

Newtec’s end user Cyber Security Training educates users on becoming more cautious with their I.T. related tasks. Company management will receive reports on successful course completion, which helps identify users who may need further training. Investing in our security awareness program gives you the ability to protect your business from the ever-increasing threat of cyber attacks.

Newtec Security and Privacy Training Can Help Protect Against Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities

We offer a tailored security and privacy awareness training program designed to meet your business’s specific needs. Our comprehensive training program encompasses a range of essential threats and vulnerabilities including:

Identifying Phishing Scams

Phishing attacks are not always obvious, but they typically share similarities—urgent demands, poor grammar and other factors can help you identify a phishing attempt.

Avoiding Malware

Ensuring you keep your software up-to-date, verifying links before you click them and more can help you avoid malware.

Improving Password Security

With so many password managers available for use, you shouldn’t use the same password for all of your accounts. Creating strong passwords and using multi-factor authentication increases your protection.

Preventing Social Engineering

Penetration testing, multi-factor authentication and updated systems are all good steps to preventing yourself from falling victim to social engineering scams.

Increasing Data Protection

Having an incident response plan is one of the most important pieces of your data protection plan.

Reporting Security Incidents

As soon as someone in your organisation realizes they’ve fallen victim to a scam, it’s important to report it to the proper members of your team to mitigate any further risks to your business.