Google Workspace for business, formerly known as G Suite, is a cloud-based application that contains everything your business needs for your team to work more efficiently and effectively no matter where they are. Connect, create, store files, and collaborate from anywhere and on any device with Google Workspace for Business from Newtec.

Improve your team’s ability to securely work together and complete projects from anywhere. Let Newtec migrate your business to Google Workspace.

Google Workspace Is Trusted By Companies All Over The World.

Google Workspace for business can help any company, no matter the size, run more efficiently and securely. As a cloud-based solution, you can reduce costs by eliminating the need for an in-house exchange server. Google Workspace is easily accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile. It is also compatible with applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail. Outlook users can sync emails and contacts with Google Workspace without any hassle. Not only does Google guarantee 99% up-time, but it also offers vast storage capabilities.

Our experienced team can help you quickly transition your company to the Google Workspace for business platform. With Google’s migration tools, you can be rest-assured that your emails, calendar, and contacts are securely transferred to the Google Cloud.

Thinking of implementing Google Workspace for business for your company? Newtec can help.

Google Workspace Makes Remote IT Support Simple, Secure, And Efficient

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Google Workspace's Key Features

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