Important Steps to Remember when Migrating to Netsuite

Important Steps to Remember when Migrating to Netsuite

Having an ERP and CRM software solution is vital in today’s environment for most businesses in order to succeed and grow.  Netsuite is a solution that provides ERP, CRM, eCommerce all on the one cloud based software package.


When companies look to change to a better more efficient solution thoughts turn to the hassle involved in migrating data and the work that it will entail.  With Netsuite there is very little hassle and disruption involved.  You will have a solution that provides a clearer insight into your business, giving you an understanding on what areas to focus on to enhance growth while providing you with an overall picture of your business.  There is no need to worry about disruptions caused by migrating, Newtec will take care of that for you.


When migrating from your current solution there are 4 key things to remember.  In this article we are going to focus on the first key point: Importing data to Netsuite

The following order is recommended for data imports:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Classifications
  • Departments, Classes, Locations
  • Entities
  • Employees, Vendors, Partners, Customers (including Leads, Prospects, and Customers), Contacts – supported by Import Assistant
  • Items
  • CRM Records
  • Transactions
  • Cash Sales, Customer Payments, Estimates, Invoices, Opportunities, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Vendor Bills, Vendor Payments

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