Newtec Services’ Top 5 Takeaways from 2020

lessons from 2020

What a year.  At Newtec, we’re as happy to say farewell to 2020 as you are, but we’re also thankful for the lessons we’ve learned. We now know that when unexpected change forces companies to innovate, they CAN rise to the challenge. To do so, however, they require the right tools.  We’re proud of the […]

The Danger of Identity Theft in a Digital Age

The pandemic has produced a few interesting side effects: a rise in delivery services, for instance, and new business-via-Zoom protocols. While some of these effects are positive — like an increase in digital awareness and use — others are unquestionably negative — like the troubling rise in identify theft. Recently, a comprehensive report by GBG […]

Newtec Services Featured on

cybersecurity awareness

We’re proud to be featured in a recent VPNRanks article on cybersecurity awareness for employees, particularly since it’s an issue we focus on in our line of work!  CEO Andrew Ryan Gives Business Owners Advice on Cybersecurity Awareness and Best Practices VPNRanks, a site that uses an exclusive rating criteria to help you choose the […]

5 Online Security Trends to Watch in 2020

Every year, we take stock of the security challenges we’ve faced and the threats looming on the horizon. As 2020 nears, we’ll continue to face security challenges even as we realize a few tech breakthroughs, including the expansion of 5G and increasing Cloud usage across industries. Keep reading to see our top 5 security predictions […]

5 Emerging Security Technologies to Consider for Your Business

emerging cybersecurity technologies

It seems as soon as managed it security experts come up with a bold new solution to protect consumer data, hackers come up with an equally bold response. And the stakes for small and mid-size companies are high. Luckily, the white hats aren’t giving up. These 5 emerging technologies may just be the next lines […]

What Every Business Should Know about Email Fraud

As an entrepreneur, you do so much to safeguard your business, grow your assets, and support your employees. It’s difficult to think that a little thing like an email scam can bring it all crashing down. And yet, that’s the reality that some businesses face.  It’s relatively easy to spot a phone scam, or to […]

What is Cloud Based Security and Why Should Your Business Adopt It?

If you’ve used Google Drive or Microsoft Azure, then you’re already familiar with cloud computing. Simply put, it’s internet-based computing services. More accessible and scalable than older software programs, cloud computing gives administrators fewer headaches and employees more freedom. Given its convenience, ease of use, and portability, it’s no wonder cloud services are replacing outdated […]

Why Your Cybersecurity Software isn’t Enough

data theft

You’ve installed anti-virus software on your on-site network, and you’ve talked to your employees about cybersecurity. You should be covered, right? Not anymore. Your anti-virus software is simply not enough to handle today’s sophisticated cyber attacks. If you own a small business, the stakes are too high to allow weak security protocol to damage your […]

5 Online Security Trends to Watch in 2019

2018 was a big year in cybersecurity, and 2019 promises to be even bigger. While the EU put regulations in place to keep data safe, we saw massive data breaches and widespread concerns about privacy. As cloud-based storage became the norm, many companies had to upgrade their security procedures as they retired outdated systems. Will […]

How to Prevent Data Theft

data theft

With cybersecurity regularly in the news, business owners have a right to be concerned about the safety of their data, particularly if their employees work remotely. Small businesses are susceptible to data theft if they don’t take precautions; unfortunately, many business owners either aren’t knowledgeable about cyber threats or can’t afford to put stringent security […]