Your Business Needs NetSuite ERP. Here’s Why.

NetSuite ERP

Your Business Needs NetSuite ERP. Here’s Why.

Has your company outgrown its software? Do communication issues between departments frustrate you to no end? Are you looking for ways to streamline your business without adding IT staff?

You know better than anyone that managing a business isn’t easy. That’s why simplifying the systems that help your business run is so important.

It may be time to consider cloud-based ERP.

What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software is becoming a must-have for businesses across industries.

What ERP fundamentally does is integrate various business operations onto a single platform. What was once called Manufacturing Resource Planning has evolved into a centralized online system that allows employees to view and analyze data and communicate with other departments seamlessly.

Think about the various systems that are needed to run a business. On a daily basis, parts of your organization deal with inventory, human resources, order management, accounting, and more. ERP provides a shared, easily accessible database that streamlines these processes, freeing up your employees to be more effective at what they do. While some ERP programs are designed for specific industries, all of them eliminate data silos, reduce repetitive tasks, and keep data secure and in one place. For those backend processes that keep your business running, there simply isn’t a better, more synchronized system.

How Can Cloud-Based ERP Benefit Your Business?  

Innovations in cloud-based services have brought about a paradigm shift in the way ERPs streamline business operations. While older management programs were department-specific and inflexible, cloud-based ERP is adaptive. It allows companies to speed up their rate of growth and innovation while providing a flexible, easy-to-use platform for daily operations.

We think there are two main benefits offered by ERP Software: efficiency and scalability. By giving you a centralized hub and a robust management system, ERP software will improve your business’ efficiency dramatically. And with better data retention over time, it can help you make better decisions for your company going forward.

Newtec Services Can Help Your Business Install NetSuite ERP Software

Imagine an automated process that allows a sales order to immediately and automatically be recorded where both the order management department and the finance department can process the information. There’s no need for separate databases, complicated order processes, or manually-generated reports. ERP improves both collaboration among team members and analytics. It unifies the various on-site systems you use to manage the different parts of your business and gives your team members quick access no matter where they work.

Yes, ERP packages are a big up-front investment. But they show ROI almost immediately. As one of the premier NetSuite providers in Ireland, Newtec Services offers fast installation and continued support. Let us answer your questions about NetSuite ERP. Contact us today.


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