What Is Information Technology Consulting?

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What Is Information Technology Consulting?

One of the most common questions that crosses our path is: “What IS information technology consulting?”. This is usually quickly followed by, does my company need it? It is difficult to make a smart decision for your brand without all of the facts at hand. Often times, the right IT consultant can offer insights into existing practices, audit technology for security flaws, and increase bandwidth on large projects. In this article, we would like to explore some of the benefits of using an information technology consultant. Perhaps we can help you determine if one is right for your business.

What Is Information Technology Consulting? (And Do I Need It?)

Information Technology Consulting is a pretty simple concept. As a theory this is a field that offers advice on how businesses, both large and small, can better utilize their IT assets to achieve their business objectives. In practice, IT consulting can be far more complex. Let’s look at some of the areas that an IT consultant can offer assistance.

IT Performance Improvement

Most businesses don’t think about their information technology performance, until it becomes a problem. In fairness, a systems crash or a security breach is a big deal to any company, and IT consultants can offer valuable insights into getting back up and running quickly. Beyond triage, however, IT consulting can also offer insight into your business’s IT infrastructure before it becomes a problem.

A properly optimized system can increase productivity across multiple segments of your business. From faster computing speeds to a more “helpful” help desk, all play a role in making the information technology assets work more effectively. IT consultants often have years of experience in the field and stay on top of cutting edge technology to help ensure that they can bring the best, most current managed IT solutions to their clients.

Business Process Improvement

In this modern age, business can only move as fast as your technology does. The two have become inextricably intertwined. Little lags are often dismissed in the height of a busy day. But how much time could your employees save if all of the little issues were fixed? These minor workarounds are often woven into the day to day of your business. An outside perspective can help to shed a light on greater efficiencies.

For example, how much productivity is lost due to employees on social media? On average 2.35 hours, or 13% of total productivity is lost due to social media indulgence by employees. Email, group chats, virtual meeting software; all of these tools are meant to increase productivity in the office. Often times, when thrown together without a cohesive plan they can often have the opposite effect. An information technology consultant can often audit all of the technologies employed by your business to ensure that are working effectively for your unique company’s needs.

IT Infrastructure Design Or Repair

The IT industry is always evolving. As a result, businesses must stay on top of these changes to stay competitive. As the technology grows, there are always growing pains. Platforms that once worked together now break, taking down systems. Perhaps the needs of the business changed. Maybe it is customer’s expectations that have changed, and your company is scrambling to catch up.

For all of these reasons, businesses rely on IT consultants to help revamp and redesign their IT platforms. The right IT consultant can often determine the most productive integrations, helping meet their client’s needs today but also planning for future updates. Investment in an IT consultant as a partner can often save companies money in the long run by creating systems that work together cohesively. VPN systems, cloud integrations, server hosting, backup and disaster recovery plans,  IT security integrations; all play together in a smart IT infrastructure plan.

servers and it infrastructure information technology consultingSecurity Process Improvement

Speaking of security, one of the greatest concerns for businesses of all sizes is cyber security. As digital criminals get smarter, information technology specialists must stay on top of the latest threats and solutions. Email security is one of the most often overlooked hole in a company’s security protocol. Consequently, email fraud costs businesses $12.5 billion dollars in 2018 alone.

Some of the email scams are well known and easy to spot. As a result, cyber criminals are getting more and more crafty in their approach. Many of these schemes can be tricky to anticipate, but can have devastating effects on a company. An IT consulting plan can help manage risk, mitigate current issues, and anticipate future threats for your company no matter how many employees take to email every day. This is just one example of how a smart security process can help your business.

Regulatory And Compliance Management

As fast as technology evolves, so does the regulations surrounding said tech. Keeping up with current regulations and requirements is a daunting tasks for most business owners and IT departments. This is yet another reason why an IT consultant can offer guidance and mitigate liability for a brand. Keeping up with the latest in compliance is a full time job. If your brand doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle such a task an outside consultant may be the easiest solution to staying compliant.

These are just some of the myriad ways that information technology consultancy can provide value to a business. Since every business is completely unique, the right consultancy will look at the unique needs of the client and offer bespoke solutions. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for IT and your business. Why not trust the right IT consultant to create a custom plan for your needs?

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