What is Cloud Based Security and Why Should Your Business Adopt It?

What is Cloud Based Security and Why Should Your Business Adopt It?

If you’ve used Google Drive or Microsoft Azure, then you’re already familiar with cloud computing. Simply put, it’s internet-based computing services. More accessible and scalable than older software programs, cloud computing gives administrators fewer headaches and employees more freedom. Given its convenience, ease of use, and portability, it’s no wonder cloud services are replacing outdated software in modern businesses. 

Cloud security, sometimes called cloud computing security or cloud based security, includes any policies, procedures, or technologies that protect cloud based systems from malware or data theft. These security measures also support regulator compliance and set authentication rules for users. 

Cloud based security is one of the tools we at Newtec have in our arsenal to keep your vital systems and sensitive client data safe. 

The Benefits of Cloud Based Security are Clear

  • One of the best things about cloud security is that it can be configured to meet your business’ precise needs. 
  • Using cloud computing also reduces administrative overhead. 
  • Cloud computing doesn’t just centralize business applications and customer data, it also centralizes security protection. 
  • Using cloud based computing eliminates the need for dedicated hardware. 
  • Finally, this kind of agile computing and centralized security allows your business to grow and gives you a competitive edge. 
  • All of the above means cost savings for your business. 

Cybersecurity has Adapted to New Technologies Over Time 

Cybersecurity is nearly as old as the internet itself. Security information and Event Management (SIEM) systems appeared around 2000 and have only become more sophisticated since. While original functionality centered mainly around perimeter security devices and firewalls, today’s products are multi-tiered for performance and scale. Now, security experts focus on threat detection and response, keeping users safe from increasingly damaging cyber attacks. 

This year, the security analytics and operations technology model is undergoing a seismic shift. Over the next several months, you can expect to see security protocols migrate from on-premise servers to public cloud infrastructure

Why? First, cloud based alternatives offer more functionality and scalability. Because there’s been such steady growth in the data modern businesses collect, there’s a need for more sophisticated infrastructure – the kind of capabilities that can be found on the cloud. Plus, with the lack in skilled IT workers combined with the high cost of software, cloud computing just makes more financial sense. The old way of securing data isn’t cost effective. Business managers are forced to ask themselves if they can afford to hire and retain IT personnel that can handle a cumbersome collection of networks, servers, and storage devices. Given this choice, more business leaders are choosing cloud based security with IT partners who can keep up with this fast-moving field. 

Let Newtec Introduce You to Cloud Based Security and a Team of Experts 

At Newtec, we pride ourselves on keeping up with shifts in the cybersecurity landscape. We don’t sell you a one-size-fits-all solution; we partner with you to offer a security package that suits your business. If you have questions about cloud based security or any of our other bundled IT services, do not hesitate to contact us.


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