Taking Risks with Cybersecurity… How Can this Change?

Taking Risks with Cybersecurity… How Can this Change?

It’s worth understanding the questions you need answers to during a security breach to better understand the growing risks that new cyber threats pose to businesses.


Three Questions you need answers on during a Security Breach

  1. What was the original source of the attack and what has happened?
    • Who was infected first?
    • What has the infection done?
    • Has it spread?
    • What other systems on the network are infected?
    • Are the infected machine/s isolated now?
  1. Can We Recover?
    • After a critical pc or a server has being hit, the first reaction is that “are the backups working?”
    • Assuming all backups are working, you need to know how long will it take to recover/re-image infected machines
  1. Can our other systems be updated to protect against this attack?


Difficult Questions to Answer…   

If you are using outdated security solutions and processes, the reality is you will not be able to answer some or all of these critical questions in your moment of need. We typically see reactions like the following in this situation.


  • A first reaction is often, we had some failures on backups recently I hope they are ok… or let’s rapidly switch off the onsite backup in case that gets hit.
  • Blame the anti-virus solution and say that it’s no good.
  • No knowledge of where the breach came from and what it has done and just piecing things together based on user feedback.
  • It looks like the breach has now stopped but we are not sure it won’t reoccur.


Modernize your Security Defenses

Old security solutions do not cut it in today’s digital world. It’s time to change the balance of power between attackers and defenders.

You need a new approach that (1) must offer prevention, (2) must tackle dynamic malware and exploit protection and (3) must offer visibility.



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