Penetration Testing Service Provider

Penetration Testing, or Pen testing, is a mock cyber-attack against your computers security system to uncover any potential vulnerabilities. Pen Testing can include attempting to breach all networks, devices, applications, and physical security components that are susceptible to attacks. When it comes to web application security, a penetration testing service provider enhances a web application firewall (WAF). Analytics from penetration tests can be used to tweak your WAF security policies and patch weak areas.

How The Process Works

Modern businesses need penetration testing to stay protected from ever-changing threats. Newtec can help.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

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Types of Testing

Automated Testing Is Not Enough

Automated tests, or vulnerability scans, are an easy way of dealing with safety and security concerns since they do not exceed reporting on identified vulnerabilities. They typically operate on a setup basis or can be executed by hand. They cannot, however, create real-world, human simulated scenarios, leaving this method a less safe and secure option than utilizing a penetration testing service provider.

Penetration Testing Service Providers

When done by security experts, penetration testing service providers surpass simply stopping cyber criminals from unapproved accessibility to a business’s systems. It produces real-world scenarios that show businesses how well their existing defenses would do when challenged with a full-blown cyber-attack.

Having your pen testing taken care of by genuine professionals can generate a more comprehensive, proactive protocol for discovering exactly how your safety and security procedures perform when under attack.

Newtec as Your Penetration Testing Service Provider

Newtec can help you take charge of your company’s safety stance by addressing vulnerability issues before they become the source of a significant data breach or various other cyber-attacks.

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