Newtec Services’ Top 5 Takeaways from 2020

lessons from 2020
  1. What a year. 

At Newtec, we’re as happy to say farewell to 2020 as you are, but we’re also thankful for the lessons we’ve learned. We now know that when unexpected change forces companies to innovate, they CAN rise to the challenge. To do so, however, they require the right tools. 

We’re proud of the help we’ve offered businesses in Dublin, Shannon, and all over Ireland. Here’s how we’ll remember the year gone by, and what we hope for in 2021. 

1. The Power of Resilience and Responsiveness 

Before the pandemic upended our lives, we were already helping businesses transition to digital. Then the lockdowns began. 

Business owners understood that the health of their workforce was priority number one. But business continuity was also a priority, and for most companies, that meant a major shift. Specifically, it meant shifting thousands of employees to remote work in a matter of days. 

2020 proved that when we needed to be responsive and pivot, in a pinch, we managed it. 

2. The Supremacy of Zoom 

It’s Zoom’s world now. We just live in it. 

In 2020, the use of zoom as a verb soared, as did this popular phrase: “you’re on mute.” 

We know that remote work is probably here to stay, and services like Zoom and other cloud-based communication tools will become more prevalent and more advanced in the years to come. 

3. The Importance of Collaboration 

People who need people are the luckiest people in the world, or so the song goes. This past year taught us just how important collaboration is to our social lives and to business, whether it’s in person or via Skype and Zoom. 

Human beings need to connect; teams need to strategize and work together; businesses need to form relationships with the clients they serve. The struggle in 2020 has been making collaboration happen in the midst of a stressful pandemic. 

4. A Holistic Strategy and Digital Tools to Make Business Run Smoothly

This year taught us that patches and quick-fixes aren’t ideal when it comes to large-scale change. 

It’s important to have a more holistic, strategic view of your organisation and to be proactive rather than reactive when adjustments need to be made. You also need technology that is agile, responsive, and reliable. 

5. The Value of an Experienced IT Team 

Business owners are realising how important it is to have not only digital tools they can depend on but also a team of experts at their fingertips. 

As it turns out, IT projects aren’t just wish-list items; they are business critical. This year has illustrated the importance of pursuing tech initiatives that will move the needle for your business, and having a team of IT professionals on stand-by that can keep your network up and running. 

Count on Newtec Services to Help Your Business Succeed in 2021

In the past, business owners may have thought their legacy systems were good enough. If nothing else, 2020 proved the error of that line of thinking. 

Digital transformation is no longer a “someday” priority; it’s essential to drive innovation and efficiencies in the future. We’re more and more certain about what connectivity can do for people. Put simply, it can keep the world turning. 

In the next few years, we predict that 5G and other advancements will allow businesses to rocket ahead. We’ll be there to help when you want to harness change and capture the opportunities to come. 

Happy New Year and best wishes for a healthy 2021.



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