Newtec Services Provides IT Solutions in Galway and Across Ireland


For over a decade Newtec Services has provided managed IT, cyber security solutions, and more to companies who want to scale up. Now, we offer even more ways to help. We’ve expanded, opening an office in Galway where we can help local businesses succeed. 

Newtec is Uniquely Positioned for the Present Moment 

Given the large-scale changes that have rocked our world over the last eight months, many of our customers have realised that their remote workers will need to stay remote for a long time to come. In fact, what business owners thought would be a temporary situation has turned into a long-term or, for some, permanent situation. We’ve seen a greater need for digital transformation across the board. 

Luckily, Newtec Services is uniquely positioned to meet this challenge and help businesses all over Ireland gear up. Here’s why: 

  • We are the first IT company in Ireland to be Security Certified in Zero Trust by Forrester Research, which allows us to implement a zero trust security strategy approach with our clients. 
  • We are one of only three Netsuite partners in Ireland. We understand this cloud-based management system better than anyone, and we can install it so that your business processes are seamless. 
  • Our engineers all have 15-20 years of experience. With a breadth of knowledge on our team, we can meet challenges that less experienced IT professionals can’t. 
  • We are the leading and most advanced cloud provider versus our competitors. This means that we can bring a lot more innovation, flexibility, and business value to the companies we work with. 

How Can We Address Your Biggest Concerns? 

When clients come to us, they are often struggling with the sudden shift to remote work. Here are a few issues we come across: 

  • Clients have concerns about cyber security with a staff that works remotely. 

We have a solution that includes end-point detection and response, as well as single-sign on protocols and encryption. 

  • Clients’ in-house systems have become slow and difficult to use in today’s remote-work environment. 

We have a solution that enables these companies to migrate to the cloud and manage all of their business processes in one, easy-to-use tool. 

  • Clients have realised that their business model needs to evolve. Some companies have pivoted. They aren’t strictly B2B any longer; they’ve become a B2C business as well! 

We have an integrated solution that allows them the flexibility to reinvent themselves. 

If you need to digitize or go remote for good, we can help. When it comes to preparing your business to excel in this new environment, we have the tools, the training, and the expertise to make it happen. And unlike IT firms that only handle infrastructure, we cover your business’ IT needs from beginning to end, giving you a holistic solution.  

Contact us to Digitize Your Business Today 

Let us help your company be better prepared for the months and years ahead. Contact a Newtec representative for a bespoke IT package that will keep your employees productive, no matter where they are. 



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