Learn the Six Steps to Get Your IT Strategy On Track!

Learn the Six Steps to Get Your IT Strategy On Track!

Business is now changing faster than ever before… Less than 10 years ago there was no iPhone, no tablets, no social media, cloud computing was in its infancy and lots more stuff we take for granted today did not exist. These new technologies have changed the way we live.


For business this means you’re your Technology and your IT Strategy must be at the centre of your business strategy. It’s no longer a case of I just want to forget about IT and concentrate on running my business. That day is long gone… You must have a viable IT Strategy.


Getting your IT Strategy right is no easy task and should not be done in an ad hock manner. Here are six steps that will go a long way in ensuring you deliver the right IT Strategy for your business.


Step 1: Business Technology Strategic Planning 

  • What’s involved here is an executive review of the business strategy and the outlining of what your future technology must look like to help deliver that business strategy.


Step 2: The Technology Audit

  • If you want to get to somewhere you must know where you are before you begin your journey… a proper technology audit will prepare you for your journey.


Step 3:  Technology Budgeting

  • You must analyse current technology spending, benchmark against your peers and put together a technology budget.


Six Steps to Get Your IT Strategy On Track…


Step 4:  Technology Capabilities 

  • A plan to build technology capabilities within your team is critical. If your team is lacking one/two key skills it can have a detrimental effect on your efforts.


Step 5: Technology Roadmap

  • You must map your journey ahead clearly and the technology roadmap and portfolio of projects to deliver makes this happen. In reality, nothing changes until a project is delivered.


Step 6:  Executive Reviews and Scorecards

  • You need to track progress and you need to plan for changes to IT Strategy. Only thing we are sure about is that things will continue to change. What seemed like a great business idea there months ago is no obsolete and you have a new number one priority. Regular executive reviews and we recommend quarterly keeps everything on track.


That’s it – six steps to get your IT Strategy on track. In one sense it’s a process so that hardest thing with any process or commitment is getting started.


Contact us today  if you would like to discuss any of this in more detail and how we can help your business succeed in today’s fast changing technology driven economy.

And I look forward to discussing these steps in more detail in the coming weeks.



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