Ireland is a top target for Ransomware 2017

Ireland is a top target for Ransomware 2017

Ireland is a top target for Ransomware 2017

The list you do not want to be on, but the fact is Ireland is near the top of the list as targets for Ransomware in 2017.

One particular type of attack called “Nemucod” is one of the most aggressive and prevalent and Irish business ranks no2 on the list of most targeted in the world.

Nemucod attacks business globally and has attacked business across Europe, North America and Asia but Ireland is by far one of the most affected countries.

Only discovered toward the end of 2016 it is easy to understand why many businesses are not protected, until now your old security applications worked pretty well to stop cyber criminals accessing your companies’ data, but Ransomware is immune to these and if you do not act now then you stand a 50% chance of being attacked.

If you become a target of Nemucod, you will be subjected to a financial demand, this demand could be any amount the criminals choose, and it is not uncommon for €10,000 + to be requested.  You will have no access to your data until you pay and then you are relaying on the criminals giving you back your data.


We have seen companies being hit multiple times from the same type of attack.

The current detection rate for this Ransomeware in Ireland sits at 50.86pc.

Backing up your files and keeping your traditional anti-virus up to date will not protect you.

There are just a few software’s available that actually protect and unless you implement one of them now you stand the very high risk of being hit in 2017.

We currently have Ireland’s only guaranteed solution and would be happy to assist you in protecting your business.

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Ireland is a top target for Ransomware 2017


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