How secure is the information you hold on customers and clients

How secure is the information you hold on customers and clients

With a world of non stop advancing technologies comes non stop security threats and you have a duty to your clients , customers and staff to protect the information you hold on them. whatever your business size you have this duty and you can not ignore that. Not one week passes that we do not hear of the a massive security breach.



In the past, hackers were most likely, highly skilled programmers who understood the details of computer communications and how to exploit vulnerabilities. Today’s hackers however are not nearly as skilled, they just have an ability to spot the many meekness business and individuals leave open to them but not investing in IT security. But by not investing in this critical area, the financial cost, the reputational damage and productivity loss to your business due to a single incident can be huge.


This is not an area any of us can afford to ignore.

Collaborating with our experts who have a different perspective can help you bring new thinking to old problems and identify new issues that are emerging along with new technology. Newtec security consultants can help you determine a strategy for IT risk mitigation and develop an implementation plan.


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