Email Security Services

It is the lifeline of your organisation. Your company’s connection to the outside world. It can also be a conduit to malware, viruses, and data breaches. Is your company’s email as secure as it needs to be? Is your staff trained to understand the different types of email schemes? Currently, it is estimated that about 90% of all email traffic is unwanted, unsolicited, and/or malicious. Given the vast amount of email pointed in your businesses’ direction, do you have adequate email security services?

Malicious email attacks and phishing schemes cost businesses in the form of employee productivity as well as increasing the chances for data breaches and security threats. It is important to know that many of these threats can be prevented.

Newtec Services Can Help.

Proper Email Security Services Can Save Time, Money, And Improve Productivity

If your email inbox is the gateway to your business, it is important to make sure that this gateway is well protected. Newtec Services is proud to offer a wide range of email security services, customized to your unique business needs.

These services may include 24/7 monitoring, back-up and recovery options, and a full scope training protocol to help ensure that human error is not a major contributing factor to data breaches. As new viruses are being created every day, Newtec Services is committed to regularly updating our systems to anticipate and block new threats as they enter the cybersphere.

The benefits are more than just preventing unsavory users access to your data. More robust email phishing schemes can lead to email spoofing and additional phishing attacks; both of which could have serious repercussions on a brands reputation, long after the issues themselves have been resolved.

Meanwhile, some malware schemes, once introduced via email, can work on the backend of your tech; farming for data and slowing server speed. One of the newest trends in email malware utilizes such a scheme, using some company’s servers to farm cyber currency; slowing the servers to a crawl. Protect all of these valuable assets with a robust and custom solution from Newtec Services.

Modern businesses need email security services to stay protected from ever-changing threats. Newtec can help.

Why You Need Email Security Services From Newtec Services

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Email Security Services Key Features

Our team of security experts can either work with your internal team or fully autonomously to provide a complete managed security protocol for your business. Don’t wait for the next ransomware threat to make the news. Contact Newtec Services today.

Newtec Services has the experience to make your business more secure, agile, and efficient.