Cyber Threats Are Not Just Increasing, but Mutating… Irish SME’s are an Easy Target

Cyber Threats Are Not Just Increasing, but Mutating… Irish SME’s are an Easy Target

Not a week goes by and there is some big news item on the latest company that got hacked or had their data stolen. It’s now such a regular occurrence that it’s becoming ‘almost normal’.

According to Forrester Research, cyber threats and security outbreaks are not just increasing, they’re mutating. Highly skilled, well-funded, organised cyber-criminals will steal your data — the lifeblood of today’s digital business in pursuit of economic or financial gain. The reason security outbreaks are mutating is that legacy and perimeter based security defenses do not work in today’s digital economy.


Security Research Statistics from 2015

• In 2015, there were 38 percent more security incidents detected than in 2014.
– “The Global State of Information Security Survey 2016” | PWC

• The median number of days that attackers stay dormant within a network before detection is over 200.
– “Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics” | Microsoft

• At least 52 percent of respondents felt that a successful cyberattack against their network would take place within the year.
– “2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report” | CyberEdge Group

• The majority of data breach victims surveyed, 81 percent, report they had neither a system nor a managed security service in place to ensure they could self-detect data breaches, relying instead on notification from an external party.
– “2015 Trustwave Global Security Report” | Trustwave

• In 2015, even fewer SMBs (29 percent) used standard tools like configuration and patching to prevent security breaches, compared with 39 percent who did so in 2014.
– “Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report” | Cisco


What is this Research Telling Us?

A couple of things really jump out from this research…

Security breaches are increasing, at just under 40% per annum and attackers stay undetected for an average of 200 days. These findings are probably in and around what we would have maybe expected based how often we hear about security breaches in the news.

More worrisome is that one in two organisations expect to get hacked within in one year and that SME’s are not taking basic precautions around patching and configuration to prevent breaches. It almost looks like companies are handing in the towel and accepting security breaches are now the norm.


Root Cause of this Acceptance of Security Breaches and Hacking

We believe the primary root cause of this acceptance around security breaches is due to the fact that many companies especially SME’s are running outdated security systems and they are trying to fight today’s cyber-terrorists with outdated tools and defenses.

It is possible to actually properly secure your business, ensure you don’t become another security hack statistic.



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