Would you buy a product that only works only 50% of the time?

Would you buy a product that only works only 50% of the time?

Many Irish companies have relied on traditional anti-virus products for years, some continue to renew the same solution year upon year, without ever stopping to think that maybe they should look to see if this renewal is money well spent.

A recent Gartner study found that 44 per cent of companies protected by traditional anti-virus had been infected by malware. This report only confirms what Brian Dye (senior vice-president for information security at Symantec) said two years ago.

“Antivirus software only catches 45% of malware attacks and is “dead”.

Dye told the Wall Street Journal that hackers and malware writers increasingly use novel methods and bugs in the software of computers to perform attacks, resulting in about 55% cyberattacks going unnoticed by commercial antivirus software.


Part of the challenge  for companies is a shift in how and where workers connect. In 2016, an employee may be working from a tablet or laptop from home or in a hotel or  coffee shop, rather than at their desk working through the company network – the perimeter is always moving. Security managers are only beginning to fully appreciate the extent of the endpoint protection problem: every laptop, desktop computer and tablet with ineffective protection is an open door to hackers and thieves. Increasing mobility and remote working equals increased risk.


Antivirus is Antivirus ?

The majority of the enterprise antivirus software on the market relies on outdated signature-based techniques, meaning that the program must have some prior knowledge of the threat in order to detect it. These signature-based techniques worked 10 years ago, but not today. Hackers understand how weak antivirus software is, and have come up with multiple ways to cheat the system. Many Irish company owners and even IT managers tell us “Antivirus is Antivirus” meaning  why bother changing vendors if all offer similar poor detection rates. This assertion is only correct when comparing the traditional Antivirus solutions, it is definitely not the case with the newer next-generation security vendors, which offer multiple security features not found in the traditional well know antivirus solutions.


What is the Solution?

The antivirus industry needs to evolve beyond ineffective threat detection that relies on signatures. What it needs is a solution that dynamically analyzes and predicts any threats behavior, then responds immediately.

Only a next generation security solution built from the ground up to cope with the most advanced malware and virus threats, including zero day threats will offer the protection Irish business requires.

These solutions enables users to anticipate malicious behavior across major threat vectors in real-time, eliminate threats with fully automated, integrated response capabilities, and adapt your defenses against the most sophisticated and advanced cyber-attacks.

To learn which forms of endpoint protection will best defend your organisation against threats, please contact Newtec to request our white paper, “Next Generation Endpoint Protection Buyers Guide.”

You will learn about what next generation endpoint protection is, how it keeps you safe against threats, and how to evaluate next generation endpoint protection solutions.


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