By now, you’ve likely come to the conclusion that many firms around the world have come to: transitioning from your legacy system to a cloud-based system isn’t a someday goal. It needs to happen right now.

With staff working remotely and industries pivoting to meet new needs, outdated legacy software simply won’t allow you to get ahead. That may be why Newtec Services are helping more and more companies cut the ties and go digital. We can help you, too.

Why Updating Your Legacy Software is Key to Future Success

Industry leaders agree that modernisation is critical for a number of reasons:

Before you can get started on this journey and reap the benefits of digitalisation, you need to do some foundational work. Here are our 5 tips for businesses that want to level up.

5 Tips for Transitioning from Legacy Software Successfully

(1) Know What You Currently Have

Believe it or not, leaders often don’t have a complete picture of their IT systems and the work each system performs! And this is task number one. It’s important to get an accurate inventory of the various tech you have running in your organisation and a big-picture view of the business processes these systems support. Pulling all of this together will help you immensely once you begin to transition to a cloud-based system.

(2) Prioritise Projects Based on the Value Each Brings to Your Business

You may have a long list of software that needs an update. And you can’t do everything all at once. So, step number two is prioritising based on the needs of your company. We recommend starting with processes that will deliver immediate wins for your business once they are updated. You can leave other systems – processes that work for now and don’t present any major drags on your business – for phase two or three or ten.

(3) Create a Roadmap and Determine a Budget

As you do this, be sure to calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your legacy systems and identify the potential return for modernisation. Next, develop a roadmap for improvement, one which sets out the business value and estimated cost of each project, to increase buy-in from your team.

(4) Be Selective and Take an Incremental Approach

As you research solutions, remember that this process isn’t necessarily a rip-and-replace task. While it’s okay to think big, it’s also okay to take these changes step-by-step, depending on what your business needs most RIGHT NOW. It’s also recommended to seek out advice from the experts whenever you can.

(5) Understand that this Process is Ongoing

New tech is developed all the time, and changes to your business will likely be ongoing. After all, there’s always room for improvement.

Call on the Experts at Newtec Services for a Smooth Transition Process

To make your transition as smooth and seamless as possible, rely on the professionals at Newtec Services. We have the tools, the certifications, the knowledge, and the experience to help your business leap ahead.