5 Online Security Trends to Watch in 2019

2018 was a big year in cybersecurity, and 2019 promises to be even bigger. While the EU put regulations in place to keep data safe, we saw massive data breaches and widespread concerns about privacy. As cloud-based storage became the norm, many companies had to upgrade their security procedures as they retired outdated systems. Will 2019 bring us more of the same? Or are there new threats on the horizon? 

We’re paying attention to technology trends as we stride confidently into the new year. Here are 5 big themes that we think will come into play in 2019.

1. Data Security is Still Number One

The number one topic we’re watching in 2019 is data security. Data leaks were big news in 2018, and unfortunately, they’ll continue to make headlines – especially if businesses don’t take steps to prevent them.

Expect to see businesses moving toward greater accountability. There will be an increased awareness of cybersecurity issues overall, and businesses will be required to provide security assessments for the safety of their data.

The good news is that, with a little education, it’s easy to keep your business from becoming the next victim.

2. Cloud-Based Systems are Changing the Way Businesses Store Data

As more industries leverage the latest technology and move their systems to the cloud, expect to see companies making hard choices about their on-premises systems. Employees are shifting to a remote working environment, and there’s a new urgency to protect enterprise data. This can present some challenges, so companies will need to make security a priority as they explore the latest cloud services and restructure technology at their site.

3. Watch for the EU to Punish Firms in Violation of GDPR

Those regulations that went into place last year? Expect to hear more about them. The threat of penalties over compromised personal data looms over companies like Facebook and Google; it may not be long before other industries are in hot water, too.

It will be interesting to watch privacy regulations shift as we go further into the new year. We may see changes in how companies collect, use, and share data.

4. Malware Continues to Get More Sophisticated

Machine-learning may be the wave of the future, but it brings with it a new way for attackers to go after businesses. Cyber criminals are giddy at the prospect of scaling and carrying out ever larger attacks. As malware gets more intelligent, we’ve got to keep up. Expect to read a lot about the double-edged sword of machine learning and how it may affect your industry.

5. Multi-Factor Authentication Will Be the Norm

Most systems will forego password-only access in favor of more rigorous authentication. This may be frustrating to some users at first, but it’s an important step toward more robust security. Expect to see different forms of multi-factor access in the year ahead. This will likely become standardized as developers discover what works best and vendors implement a reliable multi-step authentication for users.

Despite Cybersecurity Fears, We Believe in a Bright Technological Future for Our Clients

It’s not all bad news. In addition to the trends above, we’re also looking forward to the spread of faster 5G and the increase of software unification. Overall, the future looks bright for businesses that want to leverage technology to reach a wider customer base.

Are you preparing your business for the year ahead? Do you need a tech partner who can keep you up-to-date with cybersecurity news and technology? Let the experts at Newtec Services know. We’re happy to custom-design a cybersecurity solution for your business.  


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