4 Advantages of Bundling IT Security Services

4 Advantages of Bundling IT Security Services

Managing IT and keeping software up-to-date is a well-known pain point for many companies. Vetting providers takes time, and cycling through software programs that may or may not be what your team needs takes up valuable resources. With all these administrative headaches, you may find that you’re prohibiting yourself from achieving real growth.  

That’s why it helps to rely on a group of experts who can custom-design an IT package that makes sense for your business.

At Newtec, We can Bundle Services Based on Industry Needs, Security, or Growth

Put simply, bundling is the practice of combining two or more products or services in a single package with a single price. At Newtec, we can combine IT security services into “bundles,” both to make pricing easier for you and to offer you the exact services you need and none that you don’t.

These bundles can target specific industry needs, security needs, or scalability needs. Are you looking for a package designed for a specific industry, like finance, professional services or legal? Or are you interested in backup and disaster recovery? Many small businesses have a greater need to improve their cyber security defenses. Whatever your unique needs are, we can custom-design an IT package that meets your requirements and makes pricing simple.

Why juggle two or three IT services from different vendors when there are better solutions out there? Simplifying the process and working with one vendor who can be flexible and design a plan for you is a better option, especially as you begin to grow your business.

4 Benefits of Bundling Your IT Services

(1) Streamlined Administration

If you’re trying to grow your business, you don’t want to waste precious working time on administrative headaches. Small business owners, in particular, can benefit from IT administration that is streamlined for efficiency.

(2) Faster Implementation

We know you’ve already spent plenty of time doing your research and discovering what doesn’t work. Let us help you implement what does work – faster. The sooner we can get your system running, the sooner you can get back to growing your business. With one provider giving you the software and services you need, everything goes more smoothly.

(3) Scalability

Initial technology implementation is important, but if you’re like most companies, you’re thinking about growth. A bundled package of IT services gives you the ability to scale your company. We don’t just look at where you are now; we look at where you want to be and create a software bundle that will help you get there. That way you can expand, upgrade, add complexity, or include new features and services in the future.

(4) Cost savings

Looking for price leverage? Bundling services allows us to present a clear pricing scale. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. And we have leeway on how we price each piece.

Why Choose Newtec?

At Newtec Services we believe that technology should be embedded at the very heart of your business in order for you to succeed. As technology is changing faster than ever, it is important to choose a partner who can grow with you.

  • Our Team has decades of experience creating custom IT solutions.
  • We work with businesses in a wide range of industries.
  • We are responsive, people focused, and flexible.
  • We offer business efficiency and peace of mind.

If you’d like to learn more about bundling options for your business, give us a call.


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