Web Design Services

Newtec Services offer a full Web design, web building and web management service. When planning your website you need to factor in many things, including messaging, will people find your website on the popular search platforms and will your site be suitable for the ever increasing mobile market.


We build bespoke designed websites that are mobile friendly and functional

We understand that your website is central to your brand identity and image, it is very often the first impression your customers will have of you.

Building a beautiful website is ok but it goes nowhere if we don’t take the time to understand your business and we then create a bespoke strategy to help you fulfill your commercial objective.

It is this partnership that we have with our clients, that results in the growth of your business online and it is the key reason our clients stay with us and refer us to others.

At each step of the design process we consider your market, your targeted audience and the messaging you want to get across.


What Type of Website does your Business need?

Brochure Website

CMS Website

eCommerce Website

Search Engine Optimization


Traditionally called Search Engine Optimization but in today’s information rich world, the main search engines demand that we create and design for a new kind of SEO, now Search Experience Optimization. People go to search engines to have get answers to their question’s, today’s SEO lends itself to improving this experience for the end user.

Responsive Design website

Your website will adapt to the devise the user is viewing on. Less and less people view websites on a PC or Laptop, many search while on the go via tables and smart phones. Your site needs to function for all of these users.

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