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In Newtec we provide solutions that will effectively monitor the performance of your networks, applications and servers. Our monitoring tool ensures that your most important IT equipment is monitored, where alerts are triggered when performance is reduced, therefore enabling you to take action before disaster strikes. As it is a cloud based solution there is no need for extra hardware, modules, databases or licencing therefore reducing costs.


Customer Experience - The Value of Monitoring

Newtec understands the importance of value in today’s business environment; therefore by offering performance monitoring solutions we reduce the cost of maintaining and monitoring your IT infrastructure.  Our solutions enable you to concentrate on your business without the worry of monitoring your IT network while also effectively reducing downtime relieving you of the cost of troubleshooting when things go wrong.  With our performance monitoring and alerts solutions we alleviate this cost, while our constant reports offer you piece of mind in knowing that your IT network is continually monitored and maintained.


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Traditionally called Search Engine Optimization but in today’s information rich world, the main search engines demand that we create and design for a new kind of SEO, now Search Experience Optimization. People go to search engines to have get answers to their question’s, today’s SEO lends itself to improving this experience for the end user.


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