Private Cloud

Private Cloud unlike Public Cloud is dedicated to a single organisation. Similar to public cloud it offers scalability and self-service while also ensuring that you have direct control over the cloud environment. As a result, private cloud is best for businesses with dynamic or unpredictable computing needs. It also offers a more secure environment to work within, as data is stored on servers that no other organisation has access to. Private cloud also appeals to organisations that operate in a strict regulatory environment .


A Private Cloud that Enjoys the Same Benefits as a Public Cloud

Private clouds enables organisations to make part of their infrastructure virtual, this in turn allows them to move everything that needs more flexibility to the cloud. It offers businesses a way to improve their infrastructure by taking advantage of some cloud-like features while still enjoying the security and control needed to run their businesses. At Newtec we provide private cloud solutions that will enable you to transfer your business to the cloud, while maintaining security and reliability. Equally importantly, we also enable benefits in your private cloud that are similar to public cloud such as

Self-service access,

Full automation of provisioning tasks

Tracking and metering of resources


Advantages of Private Cloud

More Secure – only you will have access to the servers your data is stored in

Greater Reliability – offers more enhanced and predictable service availability for its users

Flexibility – unlike public clouds you don’t have to ask a cloud service provider first before you make any changes

Cost Reduction – standardisation and automation reduce operation cost and free IT personnel to focus more on other needs within your organisation

Greater Control – with private cloud you have greater control over the servers

Keep Your Cloud Private

Putting your data and workloads in the cloud doesn’t mean putting it at risk. Deploy infrastructure outside your walls but completely within your security tolerance. We believe the following four features are key to any private cloud solution to make it viable for your organisation:   

Bare metal servers where you have complete control

Virtual servers that are not shared with anyone else

A visualization solution that you control

Your own private network


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