Onsite IT Support Services

Newtec understands the need for professional IT trained experts, as a result our staff not only possess the expertise needed to deliver quality technology management services but also have an understanding of the importance of working together for the benefit of your company. Your IT needs are always catered for by staff that know and understand your business and the need for fast, effective IT response.

Key Benefits of Onsite IT Support Services

Not everything can be done remotely and including a blend of onsite services is a customer necessity and is critical to the success of any IT partnership.

Emergency callous for issues that cannot be fixed remotely

Planned maintenance and checks on IT equipment that must be done onsite

Get to know your staff and how they work

Build strong customer relationships

Get deep knowledge of your business


The On Site team will be a blend of experienced IT engineers with various competencies to meet your IT requirements:

Technical Services Managers: Responsible for overall technical quality of service on your behalf at all levels.

Secondary Engineer: Supports primary engineering, so you are never without the technical assistance you need.

Account Manager: Your ultimate coordinator of resources, communications, scheduling, billing and services.

Primary Engineer: Knows your business, knows you needs, becomes a familiar face around your company.

Engineering Team: A small group of engineers with diverse skill sets who meet regularly to review your IT results and future needs.

Adding Problem Solving capabilities to Your Team


Like all businesses, problem solving is a key area and your IT infrastructure can sometimes throw up complexities that need to be resolved. We have the staff with excellent problem solving capabilities, fully certified and with years of experience in solving complex IT Issues. At Newtec we ensure that high quality staff work with our customers to maintain high standards of customer care. The culture within Newtec is one of cohesiveness and an understanding that professional standards are of utmost importance, where our staff know and recognize how important your IT systems are to you.

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