Marketing Automation

Marketing automation allow you to manage many digital marketing activities across many platforms and accounts with crystal clear, easy to digest, accurate reporting. 


Benefits of Marketing Automation

Developing and investing in your marketing automation will help you identify previously untouched markets that you can successfully target, as well as making sure the products and services you offer meet your customer’s needs.

Drive sales

Generate high quality leads

Created emails that are personalized and targeted

Accelerate your pipeline

Lead scoring

Calculate marketing ROI


Marketing Automation Solutions

Email Marketing

Social Media Management

Automate Marketing Lists

Lead Management

Mobile Marketing

Automate Marketing Workflows

Trigger Marketing Events

Segment Marketing Activities

Consumer Marketing

Customer Based Marketing

What you can do with Marketing Automation

Drive Sales with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps marketers streamline their lead generation, nature their leads and apply scores to these based on behaviors, segmentation, calculate marketing ROI and retain customers.

Some of this is possible without software, but technology becomes essential with any scale and with the many number of channels marketers are required to manage.

Generate high quality leads

Fill your pipe line with high quality leads. Build dynamic lead capturing forms, create custom landing pages, tailor email marketing campaigns, gain intelligent insight into your digital visitors and using our dashboards you can have complete insight into all of your lead generation efforts.

Create emails that are personalized and targeted

Nature leads automatically, segment visitors as per their engagement; lead score and personalize the emails in which you send to them.

Accelerate your sales pipeline

Shorten the length of your sales cycle. Automate your lead nurturing

Lead scoring

Track and monitor prospect activities so sales can follow up with the right offer. Set alerts that notify sales when a prospect signals interest in your product and services.

Calculate marketing ROI

A way to test, measure and optimize marketing ROI and its impact on revenue. Accurately measure the cost of your marketing campaigns. Calculate your cost per lead and tie closed leads back to original campaigns. This is your place to go to understand what worked, what didn’t and where to improve.

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