A Lot of Misinformation on Malware and Ransomware Prevention

A Lot of Misinformation on Malware and Ransomware Prevention

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding how to prevent new malware infections, especially ransomware. A lot of the rhetoric is around “ensuring your anti-virus is up to date”. While making sure your current anti-virus solution is fully up-to-date, is of course good advice, this does not take into account the fact, that your current solution may be virtually useless in preventing new next generation ransomware attacks.

Many end users and companies too are operating under a false sense of security, in thinking my Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware solution is fully up to date, therefore I am protected. This is no longer the case. Ransomware infections are indiscriminate, everyone is a target.




Recent Research Throws a Light on Anti-Virus Effectiveness 

  • It’s been estimated that traditional Anti-Virus can now only flag approximately 45/50 per cent of attacks, this statement was made some time ago by Brian Dye, Symantec’s senior vice president for information security in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.
  • Fireye estimates that 82 percent of all malware it detects stays active for a mere hour, and 70 percent of all threats only surface once, as malware authors rapidly change their software to skirt detection from traditional antivirus solutions – FireEye.
  • A massive 86.1% of IT Managers said they were not satisfied with their current endpoint protection software and are being forced to change to newer better solutions – Cyberedge Report 2016.


You need a new approach that –

  1. Must offer prevention
  2. Must tackle dynamic malware and exploit protection and
  3. Must offer visibility.

If your current Anti Virus and security solutions does not tick these requirements, then you should be thinking about changing to a system that does offer these levels of protection or otherwise your company may be the next ransomware victim we read about.


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