IT Automation & Monitoring

Streamlining your business systems through intelligent IT automation and gaining valuable actionable insights through effective IT monitoring are essential in modern business.

Our IT automation and monitoring solutions allow you to simplify your processes and receive valuable performance reports & alerts that help you track effectiveness throughout your IT infrastructure. Boost your company’s efficiency while staying more informed with Newtec Services.

How IT Automation and Monitoring Can Help Save Time, Money, and Improve Services

As a business one of your goals is to get the highest return on your technology investment. IT automation and monitoring through Newtec can help you achieve this.

One example would be of a business running on an MS-SQL database application. The database has been having issues. It has been randomly stopping during the week and bringing office productivity to a grinding halt.

Instead of waiting for the next failure, Newtec can create automated performance monitoring that checks the MS-SQL service every 30 seconds. If the database service fails, a script will automatically run and attempt to restart the service. If the service is restarted and the issue is resolved, it saves a record for reporting and future follow-up. If the service is not restarted, our software managed it services solution will escalate the issue to a technician that can research and solve the problem quickly.

Our IT monitoring and automation solution would either automatically resolve the issue with minimal downtime, or if it can’t resolve the problem, it would send an automated notification so that you’re aware of the issue in the shortest time possible.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve processes with our IT automation & monitoring solutions.

Why You Need IT Automation

By automating recurring or monotonous tasks, you can allow your tech team to save time and focus on higher priorities.

IT automation helps to streamline and simplify your business processes in a world where IT systems are becoming increasingly complex.

Remove blind spots before they become an issue. You can discover and proactively monitor all devices and users in your network.

Automate just about anything including installations, Windows services, database updates, application monitoring, patch management, file deletion, and more.

IT Automation Key Features

Automate existing manual processes

Improve IT service levels

Reduce cost of overall IT operations

Improve customer satisfaction through greater efficiency

Reduce errors caused by manual operations

Simplify complex IT systems

Reallocate IT resources to higher priority operations

Identify blind spots before they become a problem

Why You Need IT Monitoring

Be alerted immediately. Create alerting workflows and escalating chains based on your needs to resolve problems before they reach the end user. Alerts can be sent via SMS, voice, or email.

Deploying one monitoring platform means no more second guessing on whether an issue is an IT or an Application or Network problem.

Instant real-time visibility saves you days in troubleshooting and gets your systems up and running quickly.

Your team can work worry free knowing that your IT systems are being constantly monitored 24/7.

two businessmen performing IT monitoring services

IT Monitoring Key Features

SaaS based and fully automated

Configurable graphs show the performance of your most important IT Infrastructure

Handles large volumes of monitored devices, applications, and services

No hardware required

Alerts via SMS, voice, email

Monitor performance for virtually any application

Escalation chains that integrate into existing messaging tools

Automatic device discovery

Easily integrates with your current IT environment

Newtec Services has the experience to make your business more secure, agile, and efficient.

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